ARealChange.TV Episode #22- Continuity Programs & Memberships 

WOW what a week it has been! If you've been connected to me on my Facebook and Twitter pages (which I sure hope you are, if you're not you're really missing out on the amazing like-minded relationships you could be making with more than 90,000 people who are making  A Real Change in their life and their business)….

You may have noticed that I was on bedrest for a full 10 days! Oh my GOODNESS! What did I learn from this? To NOT get around people who have the flu for crying out loud, especially when you're already dealing with Ulcerative Colitis and Chrohns disease!

I'm happy to tell you that I have a team of experts, MDs who know how to think outside the box and who LOVE a good challenge who are taking really good care of me… and I have a God who adores me and more than 500,000 clients who we have the honor to serve each and everyday who have been sending me cards, gifts, special surprises and more!!!! Thank you SO MUCH from the bottom of my heart!!! I love you all so very much. 🙂

Good news, I'm on the mend and doing much better… I'm actually taking the next two weeks to relax, restore and renew. Isn't it amazing? That we could build a business this size with people who not only love us, benefit from what we offer and are changing their lives, but we could create a business model that doesn't demand I am available 24/7 and can run without me for 3 weeks?

A Real Change International Inc has made some BIG changes in-house we'll be sharing with you later this month. More staff… in house management teams who are helping me to better serve you!  We are growing so we can bring to you the level of service, quality and expertise you've come to trust.

In the meantime, I didn't do an A Real Change.TV episode this week because to be honest, I didn't want to do one in my pajamas. I have the CUTEST new PINK Pajamas however and I KNOW you would have loved them….. but I'll spare you seeing me this past week.. heehee…. and today we're sharing our #1 Episode on Continuity Programs and Memberships that was featured earlier this year. This ONE Inner Circle video has changed the way so many business owners look at the One to One model they are struggling with in a culture that demands online connection.

I hope you enjoy today's episode. Thank you again for your love, your prayers and your support… I'll be back next week with a BRAND new episode for you. Considering this is ALL I have to do all week, record a TV episode and do an 8 minute video for my Inner Circle group…. and read… laugh… watch movies… sleep… pray and repeat…. I'll be looking forward to it!  Trust me.. my comeback will be like The Six Million Dollar Woman, remember her? The Bionic Woman? HA! You just wait and see.  

Let's watch today's episode NOW!