Episode #30- How To Build An Online TV Show & Make Six Figures 

The official ARealChange.TV show started on April 1, 2012 and WOW what an amazing journey this has been! Every single episode is viewed by tens of thousands of viewers and we've learned so much about our ideal clients that even though we had already built a multi-7 figure business, we didn't even know! (Mind you, since April this TV show has single-handedly produced an ADDITIONAL 6-figures all on it's own!) 

WHO else wants to create their OWN 6-Figure online TV Show? 

Today, I'm going to give you the first steps of starting your very OWN online TV Show!  There are several things that most people completely forget when it comes to a professional show. Take good notes and pay very careful attention to these 3 big keys to successful television production.

If you're ready to the go to the next step, I'm teaching even MORE in a 17 minute video in our Emerald Membership this month, on the very same topic.  This month's issue will deliver by email to our members by 5:00 pm ET today….. we've got 3 Video Trainings in this month's issue along with our regular 18+ page training newsletter!

Jeremy Krakowski with Gary Vaynerchuk 

IF that wasn't enough…. hold your horses because I'm joined by none other than our own In-House Expert Video Producer and Editor, Jeremy Krakowski. Jeremy is teaching this month in our Emerald Membership how to get your FIRST video up and published onilne in under an hour.

For more information here's the Emerald Membership, it's a riduclous $ 19.95 per month and is enjoyed by THOUSANDS of readers who trust this resource as their Go-To source for what's happening in the online marketing world. http://www.arealchange.com/emerald/