Episode #33- A Real Change TV- How To Make More Money With Facebook- Promoted Posts & Offers

Today we are continuing in our training on "How To Make More Money With Facebook!"  Last week's episode has already brought in more than 60 testimonials of people getting 200+ or more people added to their Facebook Page because of our training AND they are making money!

So what are you doing with Facebook Promoted Posts and Offers in your business?

If you are doing NOTHING… all I can say is your competitor is happy!  It's time for you to become a strategist when it comes to making money with Facebook.  I'm sharing with you secrets that have made us personally more than $4.5 million dollars through social media alone!

What are you waiting for?!  Let's get started & watch today's lesson!


RESULTS!!!! From 2 Fans to 1000 IN A MONTH!!! "Wanted to drop a line to share my excitement with you. Went from 2 fans to 1,000 within a month with 1,445 people talking about this; all I had to do was implement everything I learned in the Inner Circle Coaching Program and PPC class. Thank you so much…YOU ROCK !!!" Josette

RESULTS!!!! 1000 FANS & making money in less than 30 days!!! "Exactly one month ago I had 2065 fans. After only a week of advertising $10 a day, I was up nearly 200 fans! As I tweaked the ads through the month, I was so excited to see 1000 new fans in only 1 month. And the ladies who have found this site are SO GRATEFUL. I am getting message after message about how they've been looking for something like this and now they've found a group of women who truly get them. I am humbled to have been given this responsibility to serve these fans. Thank you Sandi for helping me to reach people in need. I've even increased my advertising budget so I can get to them even faster." Lori Mercer

RESULTS!! 3200 NEW PEOPLE in ONE MONTH!!! "Started October 7th with 1,122 after a year on FB. Since October 7th we have grown 3,282 in 1 month with a Mon-Friday $10 a day budget. Thank you Sandi!" Kiddie Captions

RESULTS! From another beginning PPC Ad "Sooo…Excited right now; didn’t think it was possible to see result like this already, I have people calling and emailing me about coaching packages, I don’t think it’s been a month yet since I’ve connected with you. All I can say YOU ROCK Pink hair chick!" WOOHOO!!!  To Better Health Inc

RESULTS!!!! "Went through the PPC class and placed my first FB ad this week. On Monday I had 400 likes. I just passed 500 and engagement is WAY up! It works, it really works!!" Jessica Taylor

RESULTS!!! 30 DAYS Of working on PPC with us & our PPC Methods!
"Sandi, Just wanted to share with you what ONE month did to my fan page! On Oct 7, my fan pages likes were 286, with 67 talking, and a reach of 696. Today I have 639 likes, with 306 talking, and a reach of 67,712! HELLOOOO! Thank you for your godly wisdom that you share with us!" Susan