Episode #35- How To Handle Facebook Trolls, Nutburgers and Spammers

Now that you have a LOT more followers on your Facebook page, because you've been following step by step what we've taught in our last two episodes… I want to prepare you as a Warrior for what lies ahead.

Let me break this to you gently- 2 out of every 100 people online are a wee bit too coocoo for Cocoa Puffs! Yup…. not all together straight, if ya know what I mean. They spend their day on Facebook looking for people to argue with. Their self-image is solely reliant on being able to troll Facebook Business pages and a need to correct the expert. 

Never fear…. Warrior Training is here!

Listen, I have no time for spammers, those who troll my page or say judgemental, gnarly comments. Thankfully with more than 61,000 people on our Facebook Page we have less than 4-5 of these type of comments per day.. but they do happen.

In today's lesson I'll share with you how to handle this kind of person, keep your wall pure, on task and you'll never even have to break a sweat!