Episode #36: “Your Habits Are Telling On You”


Habits are something we do without even thinking. Our HABITS are revealing why we're getting the results we are seeing in business and in life!

Today's episode I'm sharing with you GOOD habits to develop and why, if applied, will guarantee 2013 is the BEST year you could ever have! Have you found yourself trying to start new habits as a business owner but you end up getting off track quickly?

Write this down:

The habits you have created for yourself will either hold you back or propel you forward. Which do you want? Going backwards another year or is it time to FLY FORWARD?! 

I have habits I could not live without. 

These habits changed who I am, how I work and what is normal for me. Want to know the habits I use everyday as a millionaire to keep me on track? The VERY same habits that changed my life just 5 years ago….. Habits I developed as I mapped out what was MOST important in my life? These keys are in today's episode!

HABITS.. yours are telling on you!  

Grab a pen and paper and here's a tip- write some of these on a notepad on your smartphone. Make them your screen saver! Get creative- remind yourself often and they'll become the things you do without thinking that propel you forward! Let's watch today's episode NOW!