Episode #51: How To Use Videos For Your Next Product Launch  PLUS! A Special Old-School Marketing ALERT!

You've been working hard on your product! It's time to release it to the world! What better way to get the message across so that sales just start rolling in instantly- USE VIDEO!

Video carries an energy and an authority that can't be beat. In 2013 this generation LOVES video! Video sales pages can convert at a rate of over 32% more than most old school sales pages. Watch today's episode for some quick tips on your next product lauch. These work for any sized business and quite honestly, any product.

OLD SCHOOL MARKETING ALERT: At the end of today's episode I'm going to set the record straight on something that will destroy your product launches. It's a BIG KEY the "Almighty Internet Marketing Pimps" rarely talk about! Why would they? If you understood this valuable tip you might become one of their competitors!

Let's get started… grab a pen and paper now!