bigstock evening view of Everest and Nu 33501125 The 7 Mountain Assignment And Your Key Role

The 7 Mountain Assignment And Your Key Role

There will be no TV show episode today so that I can give you something God is burning in my heart.

The last article I did on "Anointed For Business" has now become our most viewed and commented on article in the entire 4 years we've run A Real Change International, Inc. We've received more comments, emails and interaction on this topic than any I've ever taught on.

Today, in a special Memorial Day Training article I'd like to share with you what I believe is The 7 Mountain Assignment and how God is moving swiftly to create one of the greatest Revolutionary Revivals to hit the earth in it's entire history. This is a revivial that is unilke any other because it will take place where man has said it's politically incorrect and unwelcomed. But it will come in a way that many will invite it in, welcome it and embrace with open arms.

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