Episode #64- The Mountain Of Education & The 7 Mountain Assignment 

The educational system in our world needs a revival and a revolutionary movement. When I was making this weeks episode I was once again reminded that what we're doing isn't working. Children can't read. Adults can't speak. People feel locked in and unable to even dream! We need a real change!

But where do we begin, as a society? How can you help and serve if you've been called to this mountain?

In today's episode I'm going to address a very important question many entrepreneurs have. It is the thing that holds them back from the profit zone more than anything else. I'm also going to address some HARD TOPICS when it comes to learning, the brain and what we're being taught. Please don't watch this is alternatives and out of the box remedies offend you. (Just a healthy warning!) 

Let's watch now this critical message on "The Mountain Of Education"