Episode #67- The Mountain Of The Religion & The 7 Mountain Assignment

Welcome to this episode of A Real Change TV and our continuing series, The 7 Mountain Assignment.

This is a mountain that has attracted so much attention in the last few years, because of the increase in deception and other strongholds that exist in this space. It's imporant to not only know how to relate to this generation, but to also bring the pure love of God to them through means that they are familiar with. The message of God hasn't changed, but our message must.

Listen today as we conclude this last part of our 7 part series. It is my prayer that this training series will be life changing for you. We also hope that is stirs up within you a desire to learn more about where you are strategically positioned.

If you have a desire to learn about your spiritual gifts, talents and abilities, join me for a 4+ hour Video Training that I've done on The 7 Mountain Assignment. In this series I'll dissect all of the spiritual gifts, the mountains and will help YOU to identify where you are positioned by God to have the greatest impact.


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For futher learning, please see "The 7 Mountain Assignment" Video Series.