Episode #72: Building Your Best Life While Ignoring Your Critics

Several times per week through social media I will post something about learning to IGNORE your critics. Everytime I do, people start chiming in that they are so grateful I shed light onto this very difficult situation- HOW to answer a critic. Many thought they needed to give a well scripted and polished answer. Others thought they should try to win their support. Still others thought it's a great platform for debate!

NONE of these are the answer. 

When you are building your best life don't be shocked that there are people who will NOT want you to succeed. Yes, it's true. There are people who will see your life changing, your family growing stronger and you becoming happier but they will have NOTHING encouraging to say. As a matter of fact, the closer you get to God's absolute best for your life they will begin to attack even more. The picking you apart will increase, the judgements and even lies can escalate.

So WHAT are you supposed to do? Answer these people and hope to win them to your side? NO! Ignore them.

Today, one of our head coaches here at A Real Change International, Inc., Rochelle Griffin will share some specific insights into what happened to her as she began to use the "one to many" model in her direct sales business. You would think that as she and her husband grew closer, her child was happier and her income soared, everyone would be praising and celebrating with her. FAR FROM IT. Listen as she shares how to build your best life and learn to ignore your critics.

We are so grateful to have Rochelle active every month in our coaching groups, helping people break through as they encounter some of these very challenging situations! Watch now!