Episode #76: Your Thoughts, Your Body & How Negative Habits Are Making You Sick

Today it is my absolute honor and privilege to share with you someone who is a close friend and also like a member of the Krakowski family. Alan, our sons and I have been so blessed by Sagi Kalev and all that he has done for us. He is not only a brilliant man who can help with the mind body connection when it pertains to health, but he also is a genius when it comes to issues like food, diet, why eating healthy foods can make you severely sick and more.

Right now Sagi is finishing up his degree to become a Naturopathic Doctor. It is with great excitement that we share him with you!  Today's topic is on how YOUR THOUGHTS might be holding you back in business or any goals you may have set for yourself. The way you think is controlling more than you may have ever realized.

Watch today as Sagi shares how to become aware of our thoughts, how damaging negative thoughts can be and then at the end he has a BIG CHALLENGE for all of us! Let's watch NOW! 

With love, 

Sandi Krakowski