Episode #79- MORE "Your Questions" Answered About Social Media, Marketing, Business & More

Find out on this episode what Sandi actually invests into when she is looking at start ups, beginning business owners and more.

On today's episode we have more of your questions being answered.

  • What should you do if you work with a manager and they've done you harm?
  • How can you build a business with massive debt and no way out?
  • What does Sandi look for when she decides whether to invest into a start up or not? (BTW word out on the streets is that Sandi is looking to invest into 10 startups in the next 12 months!)
  • Is a non profit different than building a business when it comes to doing marketing, PPC and more?

Grab a pen and paper and pay very close attention, YOUR answer for business could be on today's episode!