Episode #81: HOW To Deal With Resistance In Your Life From Someone Who Lost 100 Pounds!

When we set out to create a better life for ourselves, we WILL encounter resistance. There is no way around it.  Trouble will come, challenges will rise and you might even encounter total overwhelm or confusion! So HOW do we deal with this?

Today's episode is from my amazing son, Jeremy Krakowski, who is also our Head Media Director here at A Real Change International, Inc.  He has had an incredible journey in the last 17 months losing 100 pounds! So what does that have to do with business? EVERYTHING!

The resistance that he encountered setting aside bad habits, relocating, forgiving horrible situations of his past, releasing people who wronged him, talked about him, hurt him….. walking past the opinions of others, stepping into the design of God, increasing his income, losing weight, changing how he thinks… it ALL relates to business!

I think you'll really love this episode! It's from the heart, so grab some tissues with that note paper. Let's watch NOW!