Episode #85- Learning Online & Why It Is Bigger Than Going To A College

There's a NEW definition to HAPPY HOUR! Curious what I mean? Well keep reading…. 

Learning online has changed so much for so many people! I remember when I built my first business in the 1990's and I was predicting that we would soon have colleges without walls, campuses with virtual professors. WOW.. look at how far we've come!

But there's something even bigger than this! It's the reason that campuses are suffering and online learning is growing! It's SO BIG that it opens up a BIG DOOR for all of you to build a business online!

The online learning environment has changed how we do life, learning and growing! And it's BIGGER than you even thought!

Do you have a course you've been waiting to release? Are you good at something or do you have a message that you think could change lives? But there's NO WAY you want to teach on a local campus, outsource a local conference center and you DEFINITELY have no intention of building a big offline learning center! So… what are your options?

I have a BIG message for you today! Watch this now!