Episode #86- PRICING!- How To Price Your Products Competitively In A Mobile Driven World

Today's episode is going to help a lot of you make more money! It will ALSO help you to attract better clients, get more referrals and ultimately, build the kind of business you can be proud of. Pricing is that critical to the success of a business.

Everyday in my coaching and consulting practice I see people who have a great product, amazing message and even the right clients, but their pricing is WAY off. It's either overpriced or underpriced. Their either overinflating what you have to offer or they are devaluing themselves.

In today's video training I'm going to give you three practical tips you can use today to make sure your pricing is on target and will bring in the most amount of sales possible.

Grab a pen and paper, be sure to take great notes! You might want to write this down on a post it note and keep it close by at all times. ​Let's watch now!