Episode #84: WHY Interruption Marketing Does NOT Work On Social Media & How To Increase Sales The Relationship Way

WHAT is most imporant to your client?

This is the biggest question you could ever ask yourself as a digital media marketing expert. WHAT is important to them? If you don't know this, than your sales will be low!

In today's episode I'm sharing some information I had taught at my recent "Social Media Mobile Marketing GPS Virtual Summit." We will explore why these phrases are no longer working on social media-

Try my product!

Buy my product!

This is my product!

You want my product don't you?

NONE of this is working anymore….

In this episode you'll also find out why posting just one time per day is a big ego trip! Your customers can see through it and can tell you really don't care! YIKES!

If you want to build a big culture, have better relationships with your clients, be more true to yourself and MAKE MORE MONEY quickly? This is for you!

Let's watch now!

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