Episode #89: How To Be More & Release Your Gift To The World

In today's episode we have a special treat! Kayla Howard, a stay at home mom, making 6 figures online from a town with only 2500 people, will be sharing what the #BEMORE message means to her! She is a head coach here at ARC and to be very honest with you, she struggled with stepping into that role.

Do you want to be a coach? Maybe like countless others you've wanted to share your talent and gifts with the world, leading others, but you always thought you had to go through a step by step process to get there. Today's episode might be a pleasant surprise for you!

Are you ever tempted to work really hard in your business, thinking that the ONLY way you'll ever get good at what you're doing and finally make the kind of money you want, is if it is done perfectly? Kayla shares her struggle in learning how to lead others, keep learning and #BEMORE… on 15 hours per week in her business!  

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