Episode # 91: How To Stop Separating The Spiritual From The Secular In Your Everyday Life 

We live in a world where the programming is teaching us to compartmentalize various parts of our life. For example, when you work, stay focused on your work. Leave your personal life at home. When you're at church, we're told to focus only on God, keep what's going on at work out of our thoughts and the house of God.

Have you ever felt so fragmented you are starting to disengage from your feelings and thoughts in these moments were it's not clear what is expected of you?

Let me just say here and now that God did not design for this to occur. As a matter of fact, we can learn from Jewish culture that this is diametrically opposed to HOW God designed for us to live. He desires that we would be FULL ON 24/7. Because the truth is 'we' show up everywhere we go. So how does this play out in the workplace?

In today's episode I want to challenge you to stop disconnecting the spiritual and the secular. I'll give you practical tips on how YOU can live fully as God made you to be and more importantly, be a blessing to those you meet everyday.

Let's watch today's lesson NOW! I bet it will shock you how powerful you life could be if you start using all that God gave you.